Stacia Fiore

Legacy Fund

This fund was created to honor the passion and dedication that Stacia Fiore had for social justice.  She cared deeply to make right what was wrong in the world, and one of her most dedicated pursuits was to the lives of homeless youth.  

Stacia was a founding board member, and trusted advisor of Spare Some Change, a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to raising awareness for, and empowering the lives of homeless youth.  She was also featured in, and played a prominent role in the development of, the homeless youth documentary, American Street Kid. 

The Spare Some Change program that Stacia was most passionate about creating was the One-On-One Mentoring Program.  All the funds raised for the Stacia Fiore Legacy Fund will go directly to support homeless youth in the form of mentorship and educational grants.

Spare Some Change is 100% volunteer based.  All donations go directly to supporting the lives of homeless youth.

All donations are tax-deductible.**Please note that only donations of $200 or more will receive a written receipt for tax-purposes.